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Colleen Hawes
Eve Harrell
Nadir Major
Ahsan Marsh
Jayda Hagan
Aimee Sadler
Brendan Connelly
Daphne Vargas
Scarlett-Rose Silva
Mariyah Fischer

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We know there are occasions when you need a new name in a hurry - you've become a spy, you're talking to a stranger on the net, or maybe you're writing a book and you're super lazy.

If you need a personal name or series of personal names and not fussed about alliteration, obscurity, popularity or any of those other factors that influence a name, then Quick Name Generator is for you. Choose the gender and the number of names you'd like to generate and hey presto out pop some names. This tool outputs first names and surnames.

Quick Name Generator

Want to generate a personal name without filling out loads of options? No problem.
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