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Nicknames, sometimes known as monikers, are names used to refer to people that differ from their real names. They're often variations on given names and surnames, but sometimes don't refer to the individual's name at all. Nicknames can be related to people's interests, personality and physical appearance. Nicknames can used to show affection or for disambiguation. Sometimes people choose their own nicknames but often nicknames are coined by other people. Below are some hint for how to choose a nickname.

The Shortened Name

Shorter versions of longer names are popular choices for nicknames, for example when William becomes Will or Susan becomes Sue. There are some short forms of names that don't exist (at least in their entirety) within the longer name, for example Bess short for Elizabeth and Teddy short for Edward. However, the similarities between the vowels suggest that they are corrupted forms of the original names.

The Lengthened Name

Short names are often lengthened versions of actual names (or part of them), sometimes used to show affection or add a playful note. Smith can become Smithy. Ramsay can become Rambo. Lengthened surnames are particularly popular in sporting contexts.

The Occupation Based Nickname

Supposing you know two Pams. Both are very similar in many respects but one is a teacher and one is a professional golfer. Rather than giving a long, detailed description of whichever Pam you might be talking about, it's easier just to say, 'Teacher Pam' or 'Golfer Pam'. Sometimes descriptive nicknames re used just once or twice, but often they stick. 'Teacher Pam' may be known as 'Teacher Pam' long after she's changed career path and become a plumber.

The Descriptive Nickname

Sometimes people use adjectives that describe a person's physical appearance or personality when choosing a nickname. This has the potential for offense, so choose carefully if thinking of a nickname for somebody else. Sometimes these adjectives tie into a subculture such as Goth Pete or Hippy Harry. Often the adjective comes before the name, but you can also experiment with putting it after the name and using 'the' as a separator, for example Mandy the Mighty or Belinda the Brave.

The Geographical Nickname

Nicknames sometime relate to a person's place or birth or where they grew up. A strong accent might lead to nicknames such as 'Southern Sam' or 'New York Mary'. A nickname doesn't have to relate to a broad location. It could just as easily be 'Downtown Dave' or 'Valley Emma'.

Our nickname generator searches a wide database of names to find you derivations for your own name. We ask you for adjectives because we use a thesaurus to research synonyms that may not have immediately sprung to mind. We then output a selection of potential nickname including alliterative nicknames, descriptive nicknames, ironic nicknames, rhyming nickname and cutesy nicknames.

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