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There are many reasons why you might need a false identity, ranging all the way from protecting your privacy online to more nefarious pursuits. One time-tested way to get a new identity is to change your own name little by little until you arrive at a completely new name. So, if you let us know your real name, we'll suggest a few genuine-sounding variations you can try on your way to establishing your new name.

Protecting Your Privacy

Not everybody wants every company whose website they're ever visited to have their data. Names can be used by identity thieves, or to aid unwanted re-marketing. A real-sounding fake name can help you browse the web without having to give up your personal information. It's ideal for spam prevention.

Personal names often give clues as to people's gender, age and cultural background. Often you might not wish for people to have this information. Our fake name generator ignores name origins, to make sure your background is as hidden as possible.

Escaping Negative People

Unfortunately, not everybody in life is pleasant. Sometimes you might meet somebody you need to get away from. A new identity is a good way to avoid being tracked down in the future.

New Beginnings

Often, after a relationship break down, leaving university, being expelled or losing a job, you want to make a fresh start. Some people like an image change with a new hair do or clothes, but others like to go a step further with a new name to accompany their new look.

Artists in Want of a Pseudonyms

Many writers and performers such as artists and rappers like to use aliases for their creative person. This can help separate real life from your professional life but also help with your brand.

Tasteless Parents

Often, the name given to us by our parent or parents is not the name that we feel best reflects us in later life. A new name can aid your sense of independence and identity.


A lot of names are very popular and you end up with multiple people in the same neighbourhood or college called the same thing. A new name can help you feel more individual. Alternatively, you might dislike your unique name and want something that does blend in.


Using a fake name for fraudulent purposes is illegal. Please do not use our name generator to engage in criminal activity.

Fake Name Generator

Generate a fake name using your real name and gradual character replcements to arrive at a new identity.
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