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How to Choose a Username

Usernames are important and the form they need to take varies depending on your purpose and whether the name will be seem by others. In the case of usernames that are displayed, such as those that form part of URLs or member names on forums, you need to weigh up the various pros and cons of using something identifiable. On the one hand, you might want to protect your privacy by disguising your identity, on the other hand, something too obscure could be confusing for others. Where usernames are not displayed anywhere, you need might want to choose something obscure for added security.

Choosing a Professional Username

Little_Miss_Giggles might be private, but unless you're a stand up comedian or children's entertainer, it's probably not the type of username you're going to want to use in a professional setting. When applying for a job using an email provider where a username forms part of the email address, your own name looks professional and honest. Once you've in a work environment, you might be offered a work email address at the company's domain. Depending on the size and nature of the company, that might be your full name or just your first given name. In some cases your work username might be your job title or role.

Social Media

Some social media platforms require you to use your real identity. Others allow you to use nicknames or usernames that refer to other things, for example your hobbies, interests and sport teams. Even if you're going to plaster your real identity all over your profile, you might want to pick a more abstract user name so that you have the option of being anonymous in the future if you change your mind. Some social media platforms include usernames in URLs. If you're after lots of followers, you need to pick something memorable and easy to spell. When checking the availability of usernames for social media platform, be sure to check any platforms you might wish to use in the future, so that you can maintain consistency.

Online Dating

Using Internet dating sites is one place where protecting your privacy is a must. People who can see your username on a dating site might be able to use it to look you up elsewhere. Perhaps use a username that gives clues about your hobbies and interests or personality, rather than name or location.

When the Best Usernames Are Taken

If you have chosen a common username, you might be tempted to add some numbers after it to secure something unique. One popular choice is to append the year that you were born. Dates of birth can help identity thieves so this is best avoided unless you want anybody who can see the username to know your birth year. On the other hand, random numbers after a personal name can look a bit rubbish. Nothing makes you look more unimportant than sticking the number 2 after your name.

How to Come Up With a Unique Username

Our username maker takes your name and a little information about you then uses it to create a variety of different username ideas including: classic usernames, descriptive usernames, rhyming usernames, interest-based usernames and obscure usernames.

How Can Aardgo's Generated Usernames Be Used?

Our usernames are popular for Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit, but you can use them for a wide range of requirements.

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